W życiu na przewodnika wybierz rozum a nie namiętności  


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Youth Leadership

Polish Language School named by holly Polish Queen Jadwiga


“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it” Edward Young

Main goal of the school is to teach children polish culture and polish language abroad their home country - Poland. The school wants to pass along polish cultural and religious qualities.

School program includes learning of polish language, religion, history and geography of Poland. Teachers that work with children and teenagers are carefully selected with expertise acquired in Poland and USA.

School lessons are scheduled on Saturdays. In this school year, besides polish language lessons, we offer religious classes to children that are ready to receive their First Holly Communion. Specific information about First Holly Communion you can find out from our Father Klemens.


The American Council for Polish Culture is bringing back the Youth Leadership Conference (YLC) this year, June 20-26 2010 in Washington DC. This is a highly-acclaimed program for young people of Polish descent, age HS graduating class of 2010 through 26 years of age. Participants get to meet some high-level personages who are Polish or of Polish descent. For example, at the last one, one of the speakers, then an Exec Director of a Washington think tank, is now Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, and campaigning for the Polish Presidency. For program description, reports from past conferences, requirements, application procedures, see http://www.polishcultureacpc.org/ylc/index.html The conference fee of $500 covers housing, one meal per day, and transportation around the city. Transportation to and from Washington and optional expenses are the responsibility of each participant or his/her sponsoring organization. To Polonian organizations: This is a GREAT opportunity to win over young people to your organization, by sponsoring one or more persons from your area to this event! At the Council of National Directors of the Polish American Congress in October, State Divisions were urged to provide such sponsorships. The Washington Metropolitan Area Division of PAC will sponsor ONE student to the YLC by covering the Conference fee. To be considered, the applicant must be a resident of the National Capital Area or a family member of a member of this PAC Division, regardless of residence.

For information on how to apply for this sponsorship, see http://www.pacwashmetrodiv.org

Irena Mirecki, YLC Chair