Tak, tak Polacy! jedności nam trzeba,

                                      Naszym zamiarom sprzyjać będą nieba;

                                      Nadejdą czasy powszechnej radości

                                      I Polak jeszcze wróci do świetności!



                                 (-) Jan Niepomucen Kamiński (1777-1955)


Message from President



Dear Members of the Florida Polish American Congress


Having been elected President, I thought that I share with you some of our plans for the future and ask for your active participation.

During the last 65 years, the Polish American Congress was very active in helping Poland regain its independence.

Since 1990, Poland has once again joined the community of democratic nations and our organization made a contribution to this goal. The time has come for the Congress to direct its attention now to improve the status and our visibility in the United States. Our representation in the political life on a local, state and national level is minimum. Although we Poles in American consist of about 15 million, we have little or no representation.

I am writing to ask you to join me in an active campaign to do the following;

1. Increase our visibility in every community across the State of Florida

2. Make each elected official in each local and congressional district in Florida aware that there are about 500,000 Americans of Polish heritage in the State of Florida.

3. Assist and support any Polish American no matter what party affiliation, to attain political office and represent us at all government levels.

4. Defend and support the reputation of Poland and Polonia and make known its contributions to Western civilization.

5. Unite all Poles no matter where we live and what we believe.

6. Share information about the Congress and its accomplishments over the last 65 years and our plans for the future.

7. Participate in increasing membership in the Congress and our activities in the community.

I am attaching membership applications forms as well as a survey of your opinions regarding the future of the Congress. Please complete this form and share it with a friend or relative who may wish to join us. I look forward to the pleasure of working with you to build a strong Congress in Florida.

Application form (Please click on red text)


Serdeczne Pozdrowienia

Prof. Dr. Zdzislaw P. Wesolowski,


Polish American Congress of Florida


PO Box: 291465 Davie, FL, 33329

Email: professor1792@aol.com

Tel.: 954-423-1611