Wytrwaj, o wytrwaj w tym narodów pochodzie  

                            Sród dziejów świata, mój polski narodzie!  


                                    (-) Zygmunt Krasiński (1812-1859)









The Polish American Congress of Florida supports the elimination of visa requirements for Polish citizens. For decades Polish citizens wanting to visit the United States had to endure long lines, pay fees for applications and undergo humiliating interviews in order to obtain visas. During the years 1945-1989 this procedure was understandable because we had to protect our borders from unacceptable foreigners. However, since 1990 when Poland became independent and a member of NATO, the European Community and an active participant in supporting American policies in Iraq and Afghanistan its time for the United States Government to eliminate this requirement for Poles.

Let us give you an example what this may involved. One of our members mother was dying from terminal cancer and requested that her sister visit her before she died. Although the Polish American citizen who invited the sister and financially guaranteed for her support while she was to be in the United States, knew the American ambassador personally and was a official frequent guest and accompanied Vice President Gore on official state visit. The Polish relative’s visa application was denied. His mother died without seeing her sister.

Another example. A Polish businessman makes all arrangements in the United States to conduct export import business between Florida and Poland applies for a visa and then learns that for no apparent reason the visa application is denied and he can re-apply maybe next year. A student applies to a college or a university in the United States and is accepted, later learns that his/her visa application was denied and they can not study in the United States.

We respectfully can not accept this state of affairs to continue. This discrimination against Polish citizens must stop as soon as possible. We therefore urge you to sign this petition.